We have created around 230 software assets and added 5 custom fields and have performance issues.

1/ Clicking on Asset tab takes around 30-45 seconds to display Assets.

2/ This problem is compounded as the initial Asset view shows all Asset types including the 1100 computers and to change the view to only show Software also takes around 30-45 seconds. Then if the software you want is on the next page it takes another 30-45 seconds after hitting next.

3/ Whenever we save changes to a Software Asset it takes between 30 seconds and 1 minutes to complete. During this time you cannot do anything else with KACE.

All other areas of KACE are nippy and quick, this issue only applies to Assets.

I've tried rebooting and performing DB check which doesn't seem to make any difference.

Anyone else have this problem, is it normal?

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While a short delay is normal when looking at a large database table, that does sound a little slow.  You are looking at a database table that is very large, and your custom fields may be requiring more horsepower.  Usually I see a slight delay (5-10 seconds depending on the load on the K1K) when loading something like the Inventory -> Software page where it is looking up 10,000+ software entries in the database.  I would have support check that your custom fields aren't making the process run excessively.  If there is a complex look up, it will eventually add up in the amount of time it takes to pull the list, just like any other SQL command in a database.

Answered 06/08/2012 by: philologist
Red Belt

  • Thanks for the feedback. I have added 5 custom fields that hold simple short text data except for two of them which are long text fields where I write description information and support information for the Software Asset. There are no custom lookups. The only lookups I can see are when I open the Asset the smart label is attached which looks up the software and the number installations. We only have ~1200 computers, ~6000 pieces of software in the Inventory and ~230 Software Assets. I don't see any performance issues in the support info. Seems very strange. Have raised a support ticket although been a couple of days and not heard from 3rd line support.
  • I've created some fairly complex queries for reports and against the database directly, all respond very quickly as does the rest of the GUI. It is just Assets that have the problem.

    Typical as Assets is all I care about at the moment to meet a deadline :-)
  • Try the chat with customer support. I usually get a live person pretty quickly. I'm honestly surprised you've been waiting a few days.


    They are usually able to do a remote session if needed, and can get engineering involved with the tether key if it comes to that.
  • I usually call support directly and get someone on the line within seconds (literally, not counting the Dell "what model are you calling about" rep who answers the phone initially). Had to wait about 10 - 15 minutes once, but that was right after a major update release and they were pretty swamped.

  • strange, don't want to turn this into a Dell support thread, but I called the support number for the KACE and went through to Dell, the guy couldn;t help me as he didn't know what KACE was and wanted a Dell TAG number! The initial ticket creation process via the KACE device was fine, follwo ups via email on how to setup tethering, but once it went to 3rd line (who work US hours) that's were it all ended.
  • All is fogiven with KACE support :-) They have logged on and fixed my issue between me leaving the office on Friday and arriving at the office Monday morning. Looks like they have disabled the "Installed" field from the Software Asset view which is a derivied attribute and seems to be the cause of the slow down. Although "installed" is useful you can achieve the same thing via reports.
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