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I'm looking for some help in creating a smart label that will look at AD group membership for software deployment.  Basically what I'd like to do is create a AD Group and anyone that's a member of that group will get a certain software installed based on the rules that I have setup for the group within KACE.

Example:  AD Group called (Software - MS Visio).  Anyone that's part of that group will get the software MS Visio installed from Dell KACE.

I think there might be an issues with how often AD is checked and updated within KACE as well, but haven't gotten that far in the process yet.  I'm open to other options to if anyone else has a better method that isn't very difficult for my end-users to use and add too.

Thanks in advance!  

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  • If you read through it and have any questions, just let me know.

  • The blog was very helpfully. Thanks for the information!! It did leave me with one question though. I was able to successfully create a LDAP label that looked at a distribution group and it could see that there was a computer associated with that group, but how often will it look at the group to see if new computers have been added? Is that only going to be done with the LDAP tool does any update? (In my case, this is set for once a day at 8am). I would like to have it checking this group ever hour or two if possible for new software deployments. My goal is for KACE to see that a new computer has been added to the group and then know that it needs software based on the group that the computer has been added two.

    In typing this I thought of a second question to my plan. Would it be possible for KACE to know that a computer had been removed from a group so that it would know to uninstall the software as well?

    Thanks for the helping in the matter. I just really need to brainstorm my options with software deployment and KACE. I've always used SCCM in the past and this may be interjecting with my ideas.

  • Machine LDAP labels are applied/removed when a machine runs inventory and the criteria in the LDAP label is met (or not). You can force a check-in (inventory run) and this will add/remove the LDAP label accordingly. User LDAP labels are applied/updated when a user logs into the K1000.

    For your second question, you could create a Managed Install that installs a specified application using the label as a target. Conversely, you could create a different MI that runs an uninstall string (batch files, etc) to uninstall the app (if present) from any machines that aren't in that label (one approach would be to create a Smart label using the wizard to specify "all machines" as one criteria and "label name != *your label*" as the second criteria.

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