Previous upgrades have had some mention of changing the K1000's IP to avoid client connections slowing things down during the upgrade. I don't see any reference in the v6 docs.

I don't want to change the IP if the v6 upgrade needs it to be the actual IP of the server.

Should I change the IP for my upgrade to v6 or is better to leave it?

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It is best practice to change it, especially if you have a large environment.
Answered 10/08/2014 by: nheyne
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  • Thanks! I was hoping so. I haven't been happy with the 5.5.30275 agents since they arrived and prefer not to have them hitting the server during the upgrade.
    • Exactly why it is recommended. Our database is huge and rebooting the K1 takes forever for the connections to reestablish.
      • Did you run into any issues with the v6 agent deployment? Anything I should look out for?

        We've had a long standing issue with the 5.5.30275 agents not getting installed on many (about 120-150) clients at a remote site. These clients have 5.4.10622 installed, but won't upgrade unless we run it manually. I'm hoping the upgrade to 6 will fix this for some.

        Since we need to manually update agents on those machines, I figured we should upgrade now so we won't need to do it twice.

        Our NTLM requirements prevent use from using Kace's provisioning so we're stuck with GPO's in a large oddly structured domain. We've made some progress thanks to itNinja and some of the great help here, but it's slow going.
    • We've never tried deploying the agent with GPOs so I can't speak to that. We saw very little success with provisioning. If upgrading isn't working well, you can create a script to install the new agent. Have it unzip the .msi on the local machine and create a batch file to do the uninstall and reinstall, that way it isn't relying on communication with the K1 for each piece.
      • Best practice is changing IP, but I prefer to remove the network cable (or setting the vswitch to offline) due to be sure that the DNS is not replicating the wrong IP by accident
      • Thanks.
        So far I've had no luck with the v6 agents. Even manually installing seems to fail. I had a 5.5 agent and after manually running the v6 agent MSI with my host server name in the MSI filename, the agent no longer shows in Programs and Features. But the files were still in place.

        I'm reading over the admin guide and agent info closer now. Seems like something is not working just yet.
    • The agent no longer shows under Add/Remove Programs, I was confused by that change as well but it is documented in the admin guide.
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