I've already raised a SR with Dell on this issue but I thought I'd reach out here to see if anyone else has already had this issue.

While having a tidy up I noticed that the "K1000 Scripting Updater" is now showing up as a editable script under scripting.

I'm guessing I shouldn't be able to see this! It might have been there in for ages so I can't say it's a result of 6.3, but it's possible...

It does appear to be having an impact on script deployment too as a lot of the logs are now saying that the script isn't allowed to execute while logged off.

Anyone seen this before (screenshots below)?

K1000 Scripting Updater visible on Scripts page

K1000 Scripting Updater visible in Machine Logs

K1000 Scripting Updater visible in Machine Inventory Logs (More Detail)

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  • I saw this as well when there were a lot of those tasks happening too often. I changed it to run without a logged in user as well as matched the Scripting Update Interval set in the Org (5 days or 60 hours).
  • What are the defaults for this script, as I accidentally disabled it.
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You can see the #3 script (or any really) if you log into your K1000 using adminui (http://yourk1/adminui) and then go to http://yourk1/adminui/adminui/kbot.php?ID=3

Given that it is a built in script, you can't modify it.  You can, however, duplicate it and modify it if you would like.
Answered 04/17/2015 by: jknox
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  • When I say I can see it, I mean I can ACTUALLY see it in the list, rather than just being able to see it manually. See the screenshots -> http://i.imgur.com/9r27kGC.jpg

    Additionally to that, I can modify it. It's not marked as a "system" script anymore. The "type" field in the XML is blank. Something has gone wrong...
    • Sorry, I missed that part. I'd suggest submitting a support ticket so KACE can take a look at it.
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    • Did you get a resolution with dell? I am seeing the same thing on my kbox.
      • Not really. When I spoke to someone at Dell about another issue they said they were seeing the same thing on their dev setup so assumed it's normal.

        Doesn't look normal to me. I've dabbled with a vanilla k1 and that doesn't do it...
      • What really concerns me is that the schedule shown in the script doesn't match what i have set for the org. I will be opening up a ticket later today.
      • I've seen the same thing as well as machines which are showing that the script failed to run because it's not flagged to allow running while logged off. I've never edited that script, so why the setting changes I have NO idea.

        One theory the Dell support came up with was that it has been intentionally made visible so that we can manually run it against machines if we wish.
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