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Sheduled alerts using CRON go off daily instead of on schedule

12/17/2019 199 views

I have an alert scheduled as a CRON schedule to run at 10:00 AM on Monday on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month:

0 10 1-7,15-21 * 1

0 - 00 minutes
10 - AM PM
1-7,15-21 - on the 1st - 7th and the 15th - 21st
* - Any month
1 - On a Monday

We are having an issue with the Alert we have scheduled is going off every day during the 1st and 3rd week instead of just the day specified as the last parameter.  I verified the schedule using https://crontab-generator.org/ to get the schedule.  I also checked the View Task Schedule and it clearly shows the right time days and time for the alert to run.

Anyone else having this issue with cron jobs?

K1000 version 10.0

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  • I believe the logic for:

    1st,2nd,3rd,4th etc etc, Monday (or any day), is not implemented in the KACE SMA

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  • Thanks Channeler. Kace just sent me a message that there is an issue in the FreeBSD operating system not supporting things like first Monday of the month for a CRON job.

    That stinks because I am going to have to create multiple schedules. Thanks for the article.