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While this may seem simple, I haven't been getting it to work. I need to uninstall a program. But first, I need to find the new version of the program to verify that it is on the computer targeted by the script. Here is the rub:

The new version, RingCentral Meetings 5.4, is installed on the users' profile. It is not installed in the Program Files or any other standard location for use machine-wide. But to uninstall the old version, 5.1, I need to have admin permissions. So I run a script as the system user, but I need to find the installed version 5.4 to verify it exists. However, for each computer, the location of the files and registry settings will be different as it will be installed on a different user profile on each computer.  So I can't use the %appdata% variable, because that will only look in the system user's profile (the default profile, I guess).

How can I configure the verify step to find the 5.4 version of the product on a script that needs to run as a system user.
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  • It looks like you will need to verify via registry or something.... Any special registry key created by 5.4?

    Are you sure no entries are created in Program files or Program Files x86?
  • No entry in either program files folder. It only installs on the active logged-in user's account (an example of poor software development if you ask me). I have not been able to find anything in the registry for version 5.4 that isn't distinguishable from 5.1 outside of entries in the specific user's keys.

    Is there a way to search ALL users for the 5.4 executable, then uninstall 5.1 if the software is available anywhere on the machine?
  • I don't recall a way to search all users...
    That software might not be designed for enterprise management... or something is missing here.

    So the .EXE is NOT always on the same place?

    If it is, you could run a Veirfy Script as Logged-in user and see if the RingCentral-5.4.exe exists there or not.

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