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Wanted to set up a script to install Kace and skip if its already installed, like a log on script. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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  • msiexec /i "C:\PATH\TO\FILE\ampagent-10.0.0-x86_k1000.yourdomain.com.msi" /qn /norestart

    This might help you as a start. I haven't tested this to see if it's idempotent meaning if you run it twice on the same machine twice (after it's already been installed) whether it will display an error (unwanted) or just stop (desired). Also, I haven't tested this on an older version to see how it would react if there was an older version already installed. As far as dependencies are concerned, it requires your installer as an MSI and obviously you'd want to adjust path to msi to be correct. Additionally, this doesn't include a mechanism to transfer the MSI to the system. You may want to include it in your image, or you may want to host in on a file server or repository and pull it from there on the fly as an installation task. I hope this helps.
  • Are you looking for a script to install/check for the Kace Agent on a machine or something else?
  • More of a script to install KACE agent when a computer joins the domain upon logon, Ive been having issues with Kace pushing it out to Pcs that dont have it either, Ive pushed the install and alot of the devices on the network only show pending.

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I mean... if it's not installed, then you cannot use the KACE SMA to install the agent.

Do you want to Install the agent for the first time? You could try provisioning from the KACE SMA OR use a GPO Policy.

Or upgrade existing agents?



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  • You should be using provisioning tool channeler is correct. Do you have a domain enviroment?

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There's quite a few different ways to do this. One example below.

First you'd want to check if the KACE agent is already installed.
wmic product get description | findstr /C:"KACE"
This should return "KACE Agent".

You'll want to capture that desired output, and continue execution if it's not present.

If it's not present, you'll want to download the MSI from a repository or file share, depending on your environment. If it's a new system image, consider having the MSI on the image and installing during the deployment process. Perhaps you could build it into an image from the KACE SDA if that's an option.

If you're looking for a command you can run that will install your KACE agent msi on a new system.

msiexec /i "C:\PATH\TO\FILE\ampagent-10.0.0-x86_k1000.yourdomain.com.msi" /qn /norestart

You would need the MSI on the target destination, and the PATH/TO/FILE/ would need to match the location of the MSI.

Like I said, there are many ways to accomplish this including a group policy, though in more distributed environments, accessing a DC to apply the policy remotely might not be an option.
Group Policy or through imaging is probably the easiest method, particularly if you're working from a single location.
I hope this helps.

Answered 10/02/2019 by: Cinnoman
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