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hello all i have this script to copy a shortcut to a desktop for some reason this script refuse to work right. that script work on one workstation when i try to push out i am not getting any results

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objProcess = objShell.Environment("Process")
strDesktop = objProcess.Item("UserProfile") & "\Desktop\"
boolOverwrite = False
objFSO.CopyFile "\\server\share\shortcut.lnk", strDesktop, boolOverwrite




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The easiest way I have found to get shortcuts deployed is to use a K1000 script.

  1. Create the shortcut and zip it up.
  2. Upload it to the script as a dependency.
  3. Have the script unzip it into place. (e.g. C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ for Win7)
Answered 09/30/2012 by: jknox
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Try running it as online script, and set the logged as option of the script as run As User logged in to console (aka run as the user who's logged into the desktop).

otherwise if you don't have those set it will run as the local system.

Another option would be to set up a file synchronization that unzips a the shortcuts to the all users folder desktop (or in Windows 7 public's desktop)

Answered 09/24/2012 by: ms01ak
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If you're pushing via SCCM, unless you've set it to run in the user space, it's copying the shortcut to the system space.  so somehow system's desktop is getting that shortcut.  A good test of any script that will be pushed out is to launch it via PsExec and see what happens.

Answered 09/24/2012 by: Arminius
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try to dump the strDesktop variable to a file so you can see if gets valorized correctly.

Maybe the scrips works as a real logged in user but does not work fine as localsystem so dumpig the variable you will be able to debug further.



Answered 09/27/2012 by: StockTrader
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