I have a problem with Samsung Kies 2.6.3

I run it with

start /w kiessetup.exe  /s /v/qn

And that kind of works fine, but when starting Kies it says there is a new update available (14074_11) and I hate that....

Anyway, I have 2 options. Either I find the reg_key or other file_config settings to turn of the update settings or I apply the update after installing the 2.6.3 version.

The updater is executed like this

es.Update.exe "A;C:\program files (x86)\samsung\kies" -pu 200 http://d30s2sbd325
ubo.cloudfront.net/files/pluginhost/ 2.6.314074_11

I hate that too, but it kind of works, but the the application doesnt do a passive or silent installation, thus it fails or leave the enviroment a bit dity if to use taskkill and so.

Does anyone have a better solution or a hint how I can get this freaking software to finally be deployed in our enviromet?





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Just capture the update. After all, what's it going to be doing? Updating a bunch of files and possibly a registry value or two?

Oh and the '/v/qb' gives away that ultimately, there's an MSI being extracted and executed against so, when you say that the first install "kind of works", perhaps you need to pass some more arguments e.g. public properties on that command line?
Answered 10/16/2014 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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Thanks VBcab for the attention given. So you mean that I should just capture it with a 3rd party software like advanced installer or so and apply it after the install? That may work. Ill give it a try

However, the next problem I have is that the Installshield engine seems to build a bunch of "isbew64.exe" procesess when deploying my batch with SCCM. This doesnt happen when I run it with my own username locally on the machine. Anyway, installing the software takes forever. Could it have to do with 64 or 32 bit cmd.exe ?? Or has it something to do with user profiles?? The logs arent telling anything.

Answered 10/16/2014 by: grobe
White Belt

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