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I am fairly new to Kace and have searched the forums here with no luck so here goes my question.  I have created a script with two tasks, each one runs correctly when run separately (two separate scripts with one task each) but when I create one script with two tasks only the first one runs.  My script has the first task running a simple batch file forcing a logoff of a windows system with a timer at the end and my second task runs a BIOS update as "launch a program".  Suggestions?

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  • What user are you running the script as? And do you have the box checked for "Allow run without a logged-in user"?
  • I am using the "local system" for the user and "Allow run without a logged-in user" is selected. Both scripts run fine by themselves, it is only when I create a script with two tasks when the problem occurs.
  • For the first task, what is the setting for On Failure? If it is set to Break, then the second task won't run if the first fails.
  • The setting for "On Failure" is set to continue. The only thing I can figure out is that the first task which issues a logoff command is somehow breaking communication so the second task does not run. I have looked at the client log and nothing useful and I verified the client is receiving the BIOS executable, not sure what to check next.
    • The logoff shouldn't be a problem but maybe it is. My next idea would be to put the logic in a bat, vbs, or powershell script and run it that way.
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