Guys i have a question....I need to create a package for the app that vendor exe will install only in "Run this program in compatibility mode".

If i take a capture of this setup.exe, what do i need to look out for, and what is different if any from other captures?

Thanks for the help...

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  • Hi All, I`m trying to do something similar. I want to deploy an application via SCCM but once it`s installed I need the exe to run in Windows XP SP3 mode. I`ve tried using Orca and instedit but I`m unsure on how to find the component for this particular registry setting?

    Thanks in advance
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To run target exe in compatibility mode you can use the below vbscript

Option Explicit
Dim CompatSettings, RegistryKey, objShell, File
Set objShell=CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
CompatSettings = "WINXPSP3"
 RegistryKey = "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"
 File = "%ProgramFiles%\MyFolder\MyFile.exe"
objShell.Run "REG.EXE ADD " & Chr(34) & RegistryKey & Chr(34)_
 & " /V " & Chr(34) & File & Chr(34)_
 & " /T REG_SZ" _
 & " /D " & Chr(34) & CompatSettings & Chr(34)_
 & " /F",0,True
Set objShell = Nothing

Answered 05/13/2013 by: jagadeish
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  • I need to INSTALL only. The vendor setup.exe will not run on Windows7 unless i set compatibility mode. The install is remote "SCCM" can i install this silent with answer file? Setup.exe is not on a local system.
  • That should not be a problem.. you can call this vbscript as part of your installation
  • nice one
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More information is needed.

  1. What are you installing?
  2. What kind of installer? (e.g. .msi, .exe)
  3. What operating system are you installing on?

For instance, if it's an .exe, something like this probably would work on XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/286705

Answered 05/13/2013 by: jknox
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  • I am insalling setup.exe on Win7. I need to "Run this program in compatibility mode" as WinXpSP3 in order to install vendor setup.exe. I am thinking either creating an answer file or do a capture. But not sure if answer file will work on a remote system. Can i automate the Run this program in compatibility mode setting? Maybe a capture is a better way?
    Thank you,
    • Check the registry.

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers]
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\path\<name_of_exe>.exe"="WINXPSP3"
  • I have seen this. So in order i run an exe with an answer file i need to set this registry on every client?
    What about capture? Do i need to set anything on the msi?
    • I guess it depends on your deployment method. You could capture it. If the client is already on the machines maybe just a "regedit /s" command to set the key on the machines that already have it.
  • The client is not on the machine. I am trying to do a remote installation. So i cant really have a path to a local exe.
    • The path of where the exe installs to. Install it on a test machine. The path is the actual exe after it is installed. Usually in program files. Not the setup.exe.
  • I need to set at install time, not run time.
    • So if you are capturing set the key during the capture. The path though is to the exe that launches the program. Not the path to the setup.exe.
  • Do you want to install your setup.exe in compatibility mode
  • or Do you want to run your target exe in compatibility mode?
  • Thanks for trying to help. REALLLLY. But i did say few times "install your setup.exe" ONLY INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT RUN. Where do you see me saying RUN???????????
    • Hey it's Monday.... Calm down there Skippy. I've got to get warmed up. I'm not familiar with SCCM, but shouldn't you be able to right click the setup.exe, compatibility tab, and set the compatibility mode before you upload it?

      If not maybe set the compatibility mode and then capture?
  • That was my question :))) when capturing in CAMP....mode....is there anything to look out for?anything special with the msi?
  • And you know Skippy.......if you dont understand the question or dont have a clue about it on Mondays....Then try to repsond on other days of the week and dont waste yours and others time.
    • Hey you get what you pay for. Just trying to help man. No need to get testy.
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Everyone, calm down it's only Tuesday..

ogeccut, I just recently fixed this annoying pop up in Windows 7 by stopping a service during my installation. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/4161/disable-program-compatibility-assistant-in-windows-7-and-vista

Answered 05/14/2013 by: dj_xest
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You could create a shim using Microsoft ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit) - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=7352

The output is a .sdb file that you install on your target system using the sdbinst.exe command lines.

Essentialy the .sdb file holds information about the executable you want to run, and also what 'lies' you want to tell that executable - e.g. you're running on Windows XPSP3, in your case.

It can also do lots of other stuff too, and there is also a database of applications and fixes that Microsoft have identified.

I've used ACT to create a shim for an Oracle installer that wasn't Windows 7 aware, so it failed its own OS check.

Hope that helps,


whatMerriam-Webster: what definition: —used as an interrogative expressing inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter.

Answered 05/14/2013 by: dunnpy
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  • Thank you very much. I think this is the first one related to the question. Have yuo tried capturing something simular? I think app is functioning, but there is a condition in the exe no to install on Win7.
  • If you're capturing then you could apply the shim to your packaging machine and run a capture as normal - although if you are capturing to create an MSI you could manually set the compat flags, as it will be a one time thing anyway.

    Once you're free of the vendor setup.exe then you shouldn't need anything further on your target machines - assuming the application functions correctly once installed.

    I suppose you have to wonder why the installer won't run on Windows 7 - is it because the application isn't supported, or as in my case, the installer checks for OS versions and isn't aware of Windows 7 and falls over.
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