1. Does the version of the K2100 and the RSA has to match? Our K2100 is version 3.5.80613 and the RSA is at 3.5.80582.

2. Can we build the VMWare RSA locally with all the files we want and then send it to the location via a Jump Drive/Hard Drive and then spool it up? We have over 30+ GB to sync and with a throttled connection that won't inhibit other operations it's taking a very long time.

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The version numbers are typically different and are so in your case.  You can always check here to see the versions available: https://www.kace.com/support/my/downloads/K2000-archive

I've never tried it, but I don't see why you couldn't build the RSA at one location and then transfer it to it's destination.  You would probably just have to update the network settings at the destination.

Answered 01/31/2014 by: jknox
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You can absolutely do that...in fact if you wanted to copy that RSA x number of times you could as well.


I don’t believe we have a KB article around this at this time. However, basically all the customer needs to do is create the VM one time and sync everything that he or she wants pre-synced. Personally, I recommend that customers considering creating a SI or Image that includes every custom task they have so that in the case they actually want to use them in the future, they were already synced. Once they have created a single VM synced how they want it, they need to contact support before implementing said VM anywhere. When calling they can simply mention that they would like to take the RSA VM that they have prepopulated and duplicate X number of times. The reason this step is REQUIRED is because support must reset the certificate key that’s used in the linking relationship of the K2/RSA. Disabling KACE linking and changing the IP address and re-enabling KACE linking is NOT sufficient for the X number of RSA’s to be seen as unique. Let us know if you still have questions

Answered 02/01/2014 by: hmoore
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