I was deploying an image to a 9030 AIO and I received the return code error. Has anyone run across an error like this? The image has worked previously.

We are running a K2000 with the latest version (3.7xx)

This is for a Dell Optiplex 9020 All In One system.

Thank you
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  • I suspect you will not get many responses until you post some more information. What is a 9030 ? We are not all conversant with every model number ever manufactured. Is the return error code in decimal? What sort of image were you deploying? At what point and in what precise circumstances did you get the error code. Where was the error code displayed? On the K2000 or the target machine? Has the same image worked on this identical machine before, or on another identical model? Were bios settings on both machines identical? Where chipsets and revisions on both machines identical? Were the hard disks identical in technology and capacity? Were any other messages displayed? What diagnostic steps have you taken in the meantime?
  • we have the same problem with the same Dell 9030 AIO and 9020SFF models through k2000 RSA.
    The problem occurs during the task "apply image." I enabled debug output log, and I found that the download stops without reporting errors. We're checking the network configuration but it looks okay.

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