Have 2 postinstall tasks that get error in Kace (K2 v 3.6), error is return code 2, System cannot find file specified.  I have Kace stop on error and when I look at the Kace\apps\id# folder I can see the powerShell script there.  The command line of the the 2 post install scripts is:

powershell.exe -nologo -executionpolicy bypass -WindowsStyle hidden -noprofile -file "script.ps1"  

get error no matter if have " or not.  Any one have any idea why Kace cannot see the Powershell script in it's own folder?  Also When Kace stops I manually run the Powershell scripts from the Kace folder and they run with no errors.  I have tried this install on a Windows 8.1 and Win 7 and get same result.  

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  • when you look at the tasks xml file what "file type" does the task id think it is?
  • good question, is there any log in kace that would show that to me or do I need to try the scripted install again?
    • yea see the answer I posted so you can see the screen shots
  • Ok thanks very much. The File type is listed as exe on both the scripts. As for the other suggested fix I had found and tried that solution before I tried this current and was getting the same result. How would I get kace to see this as the proper file type?
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on the kbox hover your mouse over the scripted install

look at the bottom of your browser and get the image id number.  In this case it is 4


then open the ikbox share


and go to the scripts and find that task (task_4.xml in this case) and open in notepad

Answered 06/06/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • also if you seach on itninja using
    k2000 3.6 powershell
    you will see this solution they came up with
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