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We recently upgraded to Office 365 and we are having some issues with license compliance, all of our users have version 18 of Onedrive installed but some still show the 17 is still on the computer under the Discovered Software. Is there a way to remove old software from this?
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  • Hi, if the software is still appearing under the "Discovered Software" side of the machine inventory this means that the agent when it checks the drive it is still finding an .exe or a registry key in the machine.

    You can go to C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE and check the InventoryData.Software and open it with notepad++ so you can see where it is detecting the software, or executable.
  • Thank you! This helped a lot. Is there any way to remove any older versions of Onedrive? Basically it is picking up .exe for version 17 and and mostly everyone has version 18.
  • It would depend, if it is the real Onedrive app, or if it is the one that comes embedded with the OS... if it is the one that comes with the OS you would need to remove it with a sysprep and deploy again the image

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