I disabled the feature to allow any users (admin included) to delete tickets, but the drop down menu still show the "delete" option. Is there a way to remove this option from the drop down menu overall?

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  • What version of K1000 are you using and where did you disable the feature for Deleting tickets? I am on 6.0 and it is under Support Desk -> Configuration -> Queue -> [Queue Name] In the section called User Preferences (check box). Is that where you are disabling it from?
  • Chris,

    I am on v6.0. I disabled the feature at Support Desk>>Configuration>>Queues then select the queue you want to view. You should be able to see "Allow Ticket deletion" check box. The functionality do work, but I want to get rid of the "Delete" option overall in the drop down menu.
    • The "Delete" option still exist even if you uncheck "Allow ticket deletion". After unchecking this option you cannot delete any tickets within that queue, BUT if we can get rid of the Delete option in the drop down menu overall would be better. It looks better and does not confuse users.
      • Do you have multiple Queues?
  • @jfields

    Yes, I do. I think I figured it out. In the Admin Console if viewing the tickets the option delete on the drop down menu will always be there regardless if you unchecked Allow Ticket Deletion. As for the User Console the Delete option is not available. Even though the Delete option is available in the Admin Console you cannot delete any tickets unless the Allow Ticket Deletion is checked for that queue.
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