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Removal of assigned labels

10/26/2016 1536 views
Hello community,

In our Kace 1000 [6.4.120756] environment I noticed that even with admin rights, I cannot remove labels of a selected device. I was hoping that an update to 6.4.120822 would solve the issue but it remains the same. I know that it was possible before but I cannot say in which version.

In a test I was able to assign a label and then remove that newly assigned label again but for already existing labels the page simply reloads showing the "removed" labels as if nothing happened.
I also tried it via the menu option "Remove Labels" with the same result.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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  • Is it possible the labels you are trying to remove are smart labels?
  • Do the Labels still have devices assigned to them?
  • You are right chucksteel. These are Smart Labels. I guess I cannot remove a device from a smart label as long as the filter rule applies to the device. Makes sense :-)

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