I'm currently managaing about 350 systems using the K1000.  I had some general Best Practices Questions for Patching and machine management.  I currently patch once a month(use to be more often, but I had alot of pushback).  

What is the recommended size per patch label group?

Currently I have 6 Labels with about 50 users in each group.  They all get patched the same day(about an hour apart).

Should I start spreading the patching over multiple days?

I also have about 10 macs in our enviroment.  Should I keep those machines in their own grouping?

Thank you for your time!

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I use machine labels for patching. Depending on the patch label is how often I patch. Critical gets once every two weeks, while recommended gets once a month. Also laptops, and servers are on a different schedule. Laptops are more frequent while servers are more manual.

With 350 machines you should have no problem doing that many in one day.

Take a look at these sites. There's a ton of knowledge here.

K1000 KKE's: https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb?k=KKE

Answered 08/09/2012 by: dugullett
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I also have ~350 machines in my environment.

See section 9 of this post for full details of my setup:


In short, I patch all client machines twice a week (once for OS, once for Applications).  Corp office & branch site workstations are done at night, laptops and remote workstations are done during the day.  I prompt to reboot with an hour delay to force rebooting on most machines, snooze reprompts after two hours.  For sensitive users, I turn off the reboot action (using a separate label and Deploy patch schedule for these), but these are few and far between.  With this setup, I've had no pushback (and yes, I got quite a bit until I worked out this schedule).  Servers and control PCs are a mix, with some being scheduled and some deployed manually.


Answered 08/11/2012 by: jverbosk
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