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I spent a couple days struggling to get email to send from our VK1000. Now it's working properly, but it's slowly going through the exim queue and sending "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" messages nonstop. We have a pre-existing ticketing system (that shares the helpdesk@ email address) in place, and every one of these messages generates a ticket that has to be closed. Is there a way to clear the queue manually or do I have to wait for them all to error out?
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  • I too am looking for a way to do this.
    Uninspired, did you ever get this fixed?
  • Unfortunately, I did not. Nothing but crickets for response. Eventually they all cleared out, but if they hadn't, I would have been out of luck. The email functionality (as well as setup and instructions) are seriously lacking on a product that's been around for a DECADE or longer (we used it at the company I used to work at back in 2005). Setting up and working with email should not be such a pain in the ass in 2017.

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