I have setup an e-mail account for our IT Helpdesk in Office 365. This is how end users submit support requests. When the KACE helpdesk appliance pop's in and grabs the e-mail, it brings it down in HTML format. I have used powershell to set the the mime format for popping into the Office 365 account as TextOnly and also Tried HtmlAndTextAlternatives.


Here are the commands that I used, the e-mail account has been modified for this forum:



Set-CASMailbox helpdesk@company.com -PopMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat TextOnly

Set-CASMailbox helpdesk@company.com -PopMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat HtmlAndTextAlternative



I had a ticket open with KACE to help make sure that pop and e-mail traffic was working with the helpdesk appliance and Office 365. I asked them about the issue and they suggested to setup a ticket rule to remove the HTML characters. I asked for assistance with that and they mentioned IT Ninja or if I wanted them to do it, it would be at a cost.

So here I am asking for help on setting up a ticket rule to remove the special character such as   .




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Set-CASMailbox -Identity <email of account> -PopMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat 0
Set-CASMailbox -Identity <email of account> -ImapMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat 0
Set-CASMailbox -Identity <email of account> -PopUseProtocolDefaults $False

Please note the third command:
Set-CASMailbox -Identity <email of account> -PopUseProtocolDefaults $False

You can find the help link regarding this command in the link below:


Answered 09/21/2015 by: karuna_kumar
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I have found that this works for us with the latest update for KACE.  THe odd "&nbsp; " still comes in for some reason but it is way better.

Connecting to powershell for Office 365


Then use the folloing commands.

set-casmailbox -Identity <email of account> -PopMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat 0
set-casmailbox -Identity <email of account> -ImapMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat 0
Answered 04/10/2014 by: smalls
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  • A more up to date link for documentation on this procedure from Microsoft: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa997869(v=exchg.150).aspx
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What version of the K1000 are you on?  I believe there was a version of 5.3 that had an issue with "&nbsp" in emails.  If you aren't on version 5.4.76847, I'd suggest upgrading.

Where was the powershell script run? Text only would be a setting in the Office 365 set up in my mind.

Another option might be to use a SMTP relay server between Office 365 and the K1000.

Answered 04/24/2013 by: jknox
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  • We are running the following Currently Installed Server Version: 5.4.70402

    We setup a relay for the appliance to send emails. I didn't think that would be used for receiving e-mails. We are using a barracuda e-mail filter. It was used before we switched to o365 so I figured instead of setting up a new relay, use what we have.

    Should I upgrade to the latest version?

    • I would. 5.4.76847 has some bug fixes from 70402, though I don't believe there's anything specific for the issue you are currently seeing.
      • If that doesn't fix, how would I setup a ticket rule to remove it. Or would popping through the relay be recommended.
  • Just as a follow up. I have updated the K1000 to the latest build and it still brings down the HTML characters. I also setup the barracuda as a remote pop and had the K1000 pop into it to retrieve the messages and it still passed down the HTML special characters. Does anyone have a fix for this (short of everyone sending e-mails in plain text)?

  • I am curious as to a final resolve of this as well as we too, are having the exact same issue.
    • We have not been able to come up with a solution. We have been having to deal with it. Hopefully something will change and an update fixes this issue.
      Sorry I couldn't be of any more help than that.
      • Is this still an issue for you? I have found that even making a comment inside of the web gui has issues. An example is a \\fileshare\path with or without quotes. It cuts the slashes out. A http link inserted looks like this http://<a href="advisory?ID=02">Address</a>_dev instead or http://Address_dev
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