I'm having a problem similar to http://www.itninja.com/question/dell-perc-h310-drivers-for-precision-t-3600-for-kbe

The driver feed has my system listed and installed, I've added the driver manually to the \\k2200\drivers\windows_7_x64\dell_perc8_sas folder which I created, all drivers have been recached, a new KBE has been created but its still failing during k-image deployment.

The raid card is setup as a default single drive raid 0 which comes default from Dell.

The error shown is "Failed to create item for C:\boot: The system cannot find the path specified". This image works for other systems and all preinstallation tasks are present on the image page.

What am I doing wrong?


**Update:  I copied those same drivers to the KBE driver folder in the hopes that I had put the drivers in the wrong area, but its still not working after creating yet another new KBE.


**Update 2: I have two different drive format preinstallation tasks. One is a batch script with the following:

format /q /y /fs:ntfs c:

The second task looks to be the default that came with the kbox, its a diskpart script with the following:

select volume 0

remove all noerr

select disk 0


create partition primary

assign letter="C"



I guess I need to know if the first one I'm using is a script created by and left over from the previous guy who was doing this job?

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I think I figured out my problem. I had a big mixup with 32 and 64bit drivers. We use the 32bit KBE for all images including our 64bit kimages and I had made 3 mistakes in this order:

#1: I placed the missing perc card 64bit driver in the windows_7_x64, without placing it also in the KBE driver folder. Made a new kbe which would inevitably fail as I could not get the KBE to see the drive, much less image the system.

#2: I placed the 32bit perc driver in the windows_7_x86 thinking that "the KBE is 32bit so this should surely fix it!" not realizing that these folders are not for the KBE. Made a new KBE and FAIL.

#3: I placed the x64 perc driver in the 32bit KBE and remade the kbe, which then failed again as its a 32bit KBE and needs the 32bit driver.

FINALLY I placed the 32bit perc driver in the 32bit KBE folder and its imaging. Wheewwwww.....

Answered 01/02/2013 by: aaronr
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Hi Aaronr,

Which bios version is the T5600 using? I'd suggest to use A07 and up, there were some issues with pxe booting on previous version.


Also the 2 task you posted go hand in hand, usually you'd create the partition (second task) then format it (first task).


I'd suggest to manually boot the machine into PXE , then click on the recovery option on the main menu. There should be a command prompt option there.


Using command prompt you can manually execute the above scripts , eg. diskpart (enter)  select volume 0 (enter) etc.


See if you can find out where its failing using that method.


Answered 01/01/2013 by: ruanben
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  • Thanks for the reply. The bios is at A07. Our first issue was getting it to pxe boot and we solved it quickly with the bios update. I tried running diskpart, and although it says volume 0 is selected it won't parition the drive and says "choose volume" as if it doesn't exist.

    I'm fairly certain my issue is drivers. And just to make sure I'm covering all my bases I'm placing a folder with the driver files in the root of KBE_windows_x86, KBE_windows_x64, Windows_7_x86, and Windows_7_x64; resyncing all drivers; then making a new boot environment.

    I also placed both folders with 64bit and 32bit drivers in the KBE x86 driver folder as we use the 32bit environment to deploy both types of images. This should cover all my bases right?
  • looks good, glad you got it sorted!
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