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I've seen a few questions on here about this but none really seem to answer my question specifically. We currently have our patching set up using the "Alpha_PL" labels for IE/security/critical updates and such. I'll attach some screenshots, the issue I'm having is I can't create any labels for the windows 10 patches I want it to detect/deploy because none of them are showing up in the catalog. 

When I go to catalog and organize by Win10 nothing is in the listing. Is there a better way to set up this patching? This was set up by the previous admin and it all seemed to continue to work so I never tinkered with it beyond adding more Win7 labels. I assume it has something to do with the labels being set for my detect and deploy so Should I even use the labels? Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • Are you sure the Win10 patches are included in one of those labels? You may want to drop the labels and use the provided filters instead, but definitely test a patch schedule with a small group of computers before changing your whole process.

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