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I have couple of queries related to Data Replication to replica servers ( specially patches ).


1. At what stage patches should be replicated to replica servers. As soon as KBOX finished downloading patches it will replicated to all the replica servers.

2. Which patches should be replicated to replica servers , All Patches ( enable patches ) or only patches which are shceule to deploy on replica label.


My Understandings.

As long as i know every thing like manage installation , user portal software enventory , scripts and patches ( enable on the replication share page )  will be replicated to all replica servers regardless of the fact that client machine under specific replica server required that patch or not .


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Depends on how you Schedule the Replication time and setups for Patching on the Replication Shares. K1000 will download the latest patch nightly, and if you have define in the Replication Share then only the required O/S Patch will be replicated. 

When you first create a new replication share, you can choose and Limit the Patch O/S Files to be replicated. 

Below the Replication Schedule, you'll be able to see what files are to be replicated to this Replication Share.

The Machines will be Patched if you have configured the Patch Action - Detect & Deploy and to be referred to which Machine labels you have assigned them with. 

Answered 04/13/2012 by: Aaron Cool
Red Belt

  • Aaron,

    I have enable the replication share as you have explained. The problem i noted is that i schedule patch with detect and deploy on one of my label which replication share is 0/0.
    But as soon as i enable the patch on the label replication share is schedule to download that patch from kbox server.

    My question is why these patches were not downloaded before as i have selected windows xp sp2 , windows xp sp3 in Limit the Patch O/S .

    I am sure you understand my question.
  • Did you configure the K1000 'Patch Subscription' and Replication Shares on the same day?

    The Label determines which group of machines needs to be patched.

    Is the Label the last item you configure after setting up the Replication Share:Limit the Patch O/S?
  • My replica shares are very old like 2 years , they are configured with the settings including :Limit the Patch O/S?.

    and normally i schedule patching for those labels who's replica shares are 0/0 but as soon as i run patching instead of installing patching replica server started downloading required patches.
    I am seeing this problem after i have upgraded to 5.3 before that i did not see such kind of problem.
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