I'm having an issue with a patch that is stuck in a "Not Downloaded" status, thus leaving computers that are scheduled to have it installed in a "downloading" phase.
The patch is in a label that is setup to have patches download.  The patch is active.  When I check the patch listing for the label that the patch is in, it shows a size in the right hand side of 64.06kb, but when i click on the patch itself it shows a size of 1.31mb and shows "not downloaded".  Other patches in the label have downloaded and are working. 
Patch listing:
Patch details:

Here is one from the same exact label that has downloaded successfuly and is being applied to my test machine:

It's been two days, patches are scheduled to download every morning at 4:00am.  I've also manually kicked off the download a couple of times.  I don't see any errors in the patch download logs.
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  • Sorry I don't know how to increase the size of those images without distorting them.
  • Looking at this a little closer, I think the reason this patch isn't downloading is because of how they've identified the Operating System(s) that the patch is for. looking at the details for the patch, i see under Operating System it has: Win 2K3 SP1<br />Win 2K3 SP1 x64<br />Win 2K3 SP2<br />Win 2K3 SP2 x64<br />Win 2K8 SP1<br />Win 2K8 SP1 x64<br />Win 2K8 SP2<br />Win 2K8 SP2 x64<br />Win 2K8.R2 SP0 x64<br />Win 2K8.R2 SP1 x64<br />Win 7 SP0<br />Win 7 SP0 x64<br />Win 7 SP1<br />Win 7 SP1 x64<br />Win 8 SP0<br />Win 8 SP0 x64<br />Win 8.1 SP0<br />Win 8.1 SP0 x64<br />Win XP SP2<br />Win XP SP2 x64<br />Win XP SP3

    Which leads me to believe that there is a formatting issue with how they categorized this specific patch. Since the above doesn't match any patch subscription it is never downloaded.
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