We are on 5.5 for the K1000.  We have it setup to use the transport rule method for delivering mail to the K1000 from Exchange 2010. We are just about ready to implement the Service Desk portion and was going to setup how to deal with Out of Office messages when I saw this article:


These suggestions are some of the most foolish things I have ever seen. 

  1. Tell the others how they should how they should handle their mail.  Yeah, like they give a hoot.
  2. Don't use notifications from KACE and make it nearly useless.
  3. Setup a query to pick up the problem after it has been going on for a while????

Does anybody have a "real" solution to this problem like maybe how to configure the Exchange server to not transport any emails for that address with "XXXXX" in the title or text?

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  • This article seems to indicate that Exchange will only send one OOO reply to each sender - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/157961

    That means you'll only get one false ticket per user that has OOO enabled, and these should be identified fairly easily and removed.

    It would also appear that you can configure Transport Rules on Exchange, similar to Outlook message rules, that might assist you in resolving your issue - https://www.simple-talk.com/sysadmin/exchange/controlling-email-messages-using-exchanges-transport-rules/

    Hope that helps,
  • Perfect. That should work.
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