We have a large number of laptops running full-disk encryption with pre-boot authentication that prevents the laptop from fully coming back up after rebooting. When we first implented the K1000, we went through a good bit of trial and error and found that it caused the least amount of headaches to patch on Friday evenings, force reboots, and to suspend the patch schedule after running for ~10 hours. The suspend settings were set up to prevent the encrypted laptops from continuing to patch on Monday mornings and prompting users to reboot. This isn't the way I would ideally set this up, but people love to complain about anything and everything so we have to accommodate...

This setup worked fine for several months on 5.x. After updating to 6.0, however, we are noticing users complaining about receiving patching and rebooting prompts on Monday mornings when they come up. I looked at the status of our patch schedule and found several computers to be in a "reboot" phase for patching, while others showed as completed or suspended (as they should be).

Has anybody else run in to problems with patch schedules not suspending like they are suspossed to after updating to 6.0?

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