Hello all,

We recently purchased two new Kace Servers, an 1100 and a 2100, they are Dell Power Edge R420 Model Kace Servers.  These are going to replace our old Kace Servers Bought Circa 2010.  

My Question is our old 2100 ran reativly quietly for a server but the new K2000 (R420) Fans run Medium to High all the time.  I also Checked our new K1000 (R420) and it's fans run at normal speeds.  We had a Dell Tech come out to check on this, the phone support beleived it to be a bad power distro.  When the Tech arrived and worked with Dell we were told that the new K2000's were always loud due to they had to run at high performance at all times.  

I'm just curiouse if any one else has noticed this and if this is truly normal.  Just want to make sure before we switch over to the new one.


thank you in advance!

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  • We have new ones on the way, will let you know when they get here
  • Sounds like you're being fed a line about it running high performance all the time. The K1 would need just as much performance if not more, at least in our environment that's the case.
  • We have a our K1000 and K2000 running on R420's and the fans are at normal operation. I'll suggest to check the "System Health" section at the Home tab of your K2000 and check the CPU temps. ours run on 37 degrees averages, and mid 40's during a "high performances" with over 10 deployment tasks.
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  • We had it powered on for a few hours and the fans never throttled down, they were running at Max the whole time. I have opened another ticket with Kace and am waiting to hear back from them. I appreciate all the help with this, hopefully we get the problem fixed soon so I can begin migrating to our new server!
  • Per the Kace Tech we re installed the OS via an ISO they sent us. I just finished the install on the K2000 and the Fans are still running at max. I checked the bios settings and they are set to max performance currently, has anyone else checked these settings on their k2000? Should it be set to max performance by default on the R420 K2000's by default?

    Thanks everyone!
  • To Reply to hoacior: Our CPU temps are in the 70* C range and this server is currently not doing anything but sitting there. Its odd.
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Well 2 onsite techs later and the problem has been solved.  It turns out that the Heatsink over the processor was not seated correctly causing the fans to constantly run at full boar.  Dell/Kace had sent a second onsite tech out yesterday to replace the motherboard and when he went to take off the heatsink he noticed the issue.  Now it runs nice and quiet and were back in buisness!  Thanks for all the help, it was really usefull in dealing with tech support!  



Answered 03/20/2014 by: Mlib
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My R420 is surprisingly quiet once it finishes booting. Fans running at normal most of the time. If you've got iDRAC set up it's worth poking through the settings and logs/reports there. I hesitate to disagree with someone who has physically touched the box, but AFAIK Kace does not have any spec that says fans need to sound like a jet engine. - See more at: http://www.itninja.com/question/new-k2000-fans-running-loud#sthash.MjjeIUTd.dpuf

Answered 02/07/2014 by: cblake
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