Anyone know if it's possible to have multiple images on a USB drive? We have a tech who travels around our more remote locations where imaging via the network isn't really possible, but these computers vary in model a bit, would it be possible to have a boot environment that can boot to multiple images? I know it's no problem with ISOs on Linux but not sure how it works with the Kace formatted images.
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  • Are you trying to actually boot images on a USB drive, or just deploy these images from the USB drive to the local machine?
    • Oh, good distinction. Probably just deploy.
  • I have in the past created a WinPE boot disk with multiple images on it and some HTA code to recognise the machine it is connected to and offer the technician options on disk reimaging. It used the imagex program to deploy. No doubt something similar could be created for KACE images as long as there is a standalone deployment executable in the KACE software that runs under WinPE.
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