I am currently having an issue with managed installations.

Thus far i have about 10 msi\exe\bat files to install via the managed route. I know it does work as i have got it working, however it seems to be inconsistent. I have set the order at which it should install, i want them all to install automatically depending on which smart label the machine is attached to.

My problem is that i have to force an inventory update on the machine that the programs need to be installed onto after a couple of apps have been installed (there is no depencies on another app being installed first). Also it seems to install the first couple of softwares fine, then it ignores the order and installs 7th piece of software after the 3rd for example.

Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance
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If you want to use MI's then you certainly can but I would contact support about the problems that your having with the order as log files will need to be looked at. However, it sounds like you want a bit more control in this process then MI's offer so I would consider scripting.

Aside: is this some kind of new machine setup? If so this sounds a lot like what a k2000 is good at: laying down an image / OS install and then running a bunch of post-installation tasks to setup a PC.

Either way, you can use the K1000 to do this but if you want more control over the time that the install runs and / or it checks in then perhaps you could use scripting. A script has a task called "install a software package" or "launch a program" or "run a batch file".

With a script you do not have to wait for a machine to check-in each time. You could have a script (or multiple scripts) that are set to run at bootup (or login) or on a schedule or even checkin. Each script could either be targetted to a label which could be based upon the same criteria you had before (the existence of a certain software package) or you could continue to target your group of machines by label and then inside the script could use a "verify" task to see if the pre-requisite is installed before proceeding.
Answered 03/01/2011 by: GillySpy
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Personally I avoid the "Deploy Order" in an MI. If something actually has prerequisites (I find that very few things do actually), I zip all the installers for the pre-reqs and the final desired package together, write a batch file to run them in the apropriate order, then in my MI I choose configure manually and my command line is my batch file. This is also highly useful for delivering registry changes and other customizations via an MI. Basically what GillySpy said- some scripting solves the problem. Where you decide to do the scripting is up to you and your comfort level, but I try not to use the MI options below machine selection if I can help it.
Answered 03/01/2011 by: cblake
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A script has a task called "install a software package" or "launch a program" or "run a batch file".

I'm trying to debug my first Online Kscript (Windows) in which I use the "install a software program" step. The software program is a .ZIP archive of many files, with a specific .EXE to run as a user (not System). (The .EXE is a compiled AutoIt3 script, in case it matters.) This Kscript runs fine on Windows XP.

Here's the problem: Under Windows 7, the script logs say it ran, but the program does not install. There are no error messages anywhere. And the same script steps performed manually work fine on a Windows 7 machine, running as a standard user. (The program is being installed into the userprofile, not anywhere protected.)

Now I know you can't debug my script here in the forum. But maybe someone call tell me where to start to debug it myself? I turned on debug mode (AMPreset.exe debug=true); of all the logs in the KBOX directory, only one of them (agent.log) mentions this script, and those few lines make it look like the script ran fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where I can look next? Sande
Never mind--it's an AutoIt3 thing, I think. The AutoIt script runs fine interactively on Windows 7 and always works on Windows XP, but it pauses on Windows 7 when run from a Kscript. I'll have to dig into that further. I hate having to use AutoIt scripts, probably because I'm not very experienced with them.
Answered 03/01/2011 by: snissen
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snissen -You may want to post this in a new thread since it's different than the topic above.
Answered 03/02/2011 by: cblake
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