I  need a full report that displays the average time Open or (Avg_Days_Open) all tickets from the Queue 1, and Queue 2.  We are not looking to count any tickets that are in any of the stalled states, and not include any tickets from the Category 1, and category 2 for any of the queues mentioned above.  We like the layout show below.  This time will be from the first time a ticket as been assigned from New to Open, and average all the tickets for each queue and display in average days.


For example:


Category                    Average Days

Queue 1                        .585

Queue 2                        1.667


I am using MySQL of course.


Any assistance would appreciated.


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  • I find it easiest to start with a query that selects the records you want to include for your analysis. Start with the report wizard in KACE to get fields, joins, and start with the filtering criteria. Then tweak in a query editor like MySQL Workbench. Once that is working, you can tackle things like averages, counts, and sums using the MySQL documentation at http://dev.mysql.org/doc.
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