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i'm having issues troubleshooting a managed install, i'm unable to locate the debug_log.txt file. 
under Kagent.log it looks like it is being deleted after being uploaded to the k1000.

[2017-03-30.09:00:11][runkbot:KWeb::UploadUsingCurl   ] UPLOADFILE: CURL DEBUG INFO --->>> END <<<--- 
[2017-03-30.09:00:11][runkbot:KWeb::UploadUsingCurl   ] UploadFile: Uploaded to http://kace.kbox/service/kbot_upload.php?Upload speed: 6265.000000 bytes/second
[2017-03-30.09:00:11][runkbot:KWeb::UploadUsingCurl   ] UploadFile:  Server gzip compression cleanup.
[2017-03-30.09:00:11][runkbot:KBotScriptLog::Cleanup  ] KBotScriptLog::Cleanup - Cleaning up log file [C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\user\KBOT_LOG.txt]

thanks in advance for any insight into how the debug log works now (in 7.0)
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  • Does the info not show up under "Failed Managed Installations" on a device's inventory page?
  • no it does not, it is showing as installed until the computer checks in again. its a pretty standard install with parameters.
  • Just as a friendly reminder that debug mode is always enabled on version 7.0 (and I think going forward)
  • That is correct, in 7.0 debug mode is always enabled in the Agent and the logging information for troubleshooting is located in C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\user\KAgent.log. The debug_log.txt was used in very old 5.x Agents and no longer exists.

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Make sure that your target computer has debug set to "all" for verbose logging. I don't know for sure if this will work, but what if you apply all the "notify" options in the MI. Maybe this will allow you to view the logs before they're cleaned up?
Answered 03/30/2017 by: JasonEgg
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