We are looking at deploying some of the new Lenovo Thinkpad 8 Tablets. Now i know these are UEFI only and don't have a legacy Bios option. So from all the reading i have done i can deploy my Imaging via Dell Kace by booting via the bootable USB Key you can create. 


After much playing around i finally got it to boot to a point but it gets to the "Starting Windows" screen which is what happens before you get presented with the Kace Bootable Environment, But then it Freezes with a Red thin Red Bar along the top of the screen. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions while i keep on googling.



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  • What kind of hard drive is in? SSD self encryption by any change?
  • Please update the BIOS on the Thinkpad 8 (link below), and ensure you have CSM support feature enabled in BIOS.

    Make sure you have the docking station NIC driver included in the KBE. Just unpack the driver file and copy the contents it into the Network interface folder on the KBE. Remeber to recache drivers.

    Here you get the files:
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