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I am trying to restore a backup taken from a physical appliance SMA v7.1.150 to a virtual appliance SMA v7.1.150 but the restore fails with an error saying "Backup files are not compatible.". I do not understand why as there is no further detail.

Our environment is quite large. We have around 20,000 devices. So the backup files are big. The base file is 23.78GB and the incremental is 13.30GB. I don't know if this is caused by file size limitations or such like.

Anyone seen this before? Is there another way to migrate the data from one SMA to another?
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  • I thought I was having the same problem as you, but I realized that via FTP, it's not uploading the full file. When I use Filezilla, it won't upload even 3 GB for our base, which is about 13 GB. I tried to manually upload the files, but it just sits at 0% progress.

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Yes it was corruption because of the FTP process. I resolved the issue a few hours ago and didn't get the chance to come back here and update. With a binary download and then a binary upload, we appear to have liftoff. Phew!
Answered 05/19/2018 by: mcnaugha
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if you download and upload the files, use FTP and set this to binary. It could be that one of the files is corrupted during the down- or upload
Answered 05/19/2018 by: Nico_K
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