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Hello, looking for ideas
I have been asked to provide a report whereby it shows only the machines that have non standard software installed.
for example when we image a machine it has a standard set of software, so this report would show machines that have had other software installed on top of the software that its installed from the image.
Any ideas?
All i can think of is to have a kace report with a filter looking for machines that do not match regex "the long list of software thats installed at build time", however thisĀ  report then shows the machines and then a great big long list of software thats installed on the machines. I would like the report to only show the machine name and this other software (not the long list of software thats installed at build time).

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  • Using the software catalog might be a better approach than the software inventory. The catalog has the advantage of grouping subversions together, so your report can show just the major versions installed on computers. It also doesn't include a lot of the utility executables found in the inventory that are part of the OS. I would recommend that you label the titles that you support in the catalog and you should then be able to create a report showing titles that are discovered but do not have the "Standard Software" label (or whatever you choose to call it).
  • Many Thanks for your reply, whilst its a good idea about the label. However ur right about the software catalog being easier however some programs could be just an exe. And this would be the sort of programs i hope the report would show. So i guess i'll have to make a very long standard software label based on software titles.

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