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KACE report based on patch tasks from a Detect Schedule

11/20/2014 5533 views

Newer KACE user here, so likely will be back with multiple questions, if I cant find them already answered on the site :)


Setting up our TEST GROUP for patch deployment.  The day after the patches are copied to our replication store, I have a scheduled task set, to do a DETECT only on those test PC's.  (PC's are defined by a machine label).

Down at the bottom of the Patch Schedule is the PATCH TASKS, like as follows

Patch Tasks

NameIP AddressStatusPatch ResultsDate
cnle192.168.252.24completedPatched: 97, Not Patched: 2, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:14:58
CNEDESIA210.10.3.69completedPatched: 97, Not Patched: 14, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:16:32
CNERISZO210.10.3.97completedPatched: 79, Not Patched: 41, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:12:51
cninvent310.10.3.64completedPatched: 66, Not Patched: 57, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:18:12
CNDIASKI10.10.3.56completedPatched: 65, Not Patched: 54, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:18:12
CNBRITRI210.10.3.61completedPatched: 65, Not Patched: 60, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:16:32
cnchrwin10.10.3.52completedPatched: 60, Not Patched: 67, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:17:36
CNVICJOY210.10.3.124completedPatched: 107, Not Patched: 3, Detect Failures: 0 11/20/2014 09:11:48

Is there an existing report, which I am missing which contains the information this way?

Or does anyone have a clue how to generate one which has the same information.  
Just trying to automate things a bit.. That have it do the scan, then do the report afterwards so I am aware that the test group WILL have new updates this week (and who).
(the actual deployment, etc will be all scheduled, etc separately)

Thanks in advance!

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select M.NAME as NAME, M.IP as IP_ADDRESS, KT.PHASE as STATUS, Concat('Patched: ', PS.PATCHED,' , ','Not Patched: ',  PS.NOTPATCHED,' , ','Detect Failures: ',  PS.DETECT_FAILURES) as PATCH_RESULTS, PS.LAST_RUN as DATE 
where PSS.DESCRIPTION = 'Monday Detect Job'

Make sure to change the bold string with the name of your patch job.

Answered 11/20/2014 by: h2opolo25
Red Belt

  • Thanks for the post!
    Entered it into the new Report (SQL)

    Changed the bold part to my job name (keeping the ' right?)

    No SQL errors :)

    But when I run it, it comes back with no results :(
    The patch job is there and shows info when I expand the patch schedule job.
    • Yes on the single quotes. Keep them there.
      Not sure why it would not work on yours. The best way to test it is to run the query from the MySQL Workshop software once you connect it to your KACE database. This way you can also verify all the tables and columns are there and populated.
      • Unfortunately, we are a sub group of our main location for this.. have limited access to the kbox otherwise :(

        BUT.. some success!

        Removed the line, where the patch job had to be changed completely..
        And then it will give me results, of ALL the inventory.

        So its just an issue with what that is referencing/looking at.
      • That patch schedule, I have cut and pasted the name from it, into the spot, so I know its correct.. That patch schedule has its list, from a label... would it be any simpler referencing the machines via that label instead?
  • OK, so a LITTLE closer to getting this to work. REMOVED the where "PSS.DESCRIPTION = 'Monday Detect Job'" line and it shows all the machines.. and the two jobs I have so far. (also added a column to show the PSS.DESCRIPTION to make sure its correct. Keeping that line in, and removing the "and KT.TYPE = PSS.KONDUCTOR_TASK_TYPE" gives me JUST the selected job.. but 4 instances of each machine... only ONE showing that the job is completed.
    • added 'and KT.PHASE = "Completed"' and it seems to give me the correct information.
  • The report is not showing those systems that read "Not Available" under Patch results. Is there anyway to include those as well? Thank you.

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thanks for the input.

Is there a way that the same report shows the updates patched/not patched ¿?

Answered 05/29/2019 by: NachoGalan
White Belt

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