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 iOS 12.0, Kace 1100 server version 9.0.270, & Kace Go 5.0.1030  
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  • I personally don't have an iOS device, but I've heard that other apps have had problems with iOS 12. I'll also say that we have previously seen issues with KACE GO on iOS devices, where things work as intended on Android, so you may want to contact support to see if it's a known issue.
    • Thanks! I have had an active ticket open with them for about a month that is 'in research'. I know this has happened at least 2x before over the last few years with the iOS devices. *ugh*
  • I tested this in our environment and I can update a ticket using KACE Go 5, iOS 12 and K1200 running 7.2 so the difference is that I have not upgraded to KACE 9 yet.
    • Thanks Rich. We started having the issues with the update. *ugh*

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