I'm looking to purchase a K1000. I am leaning towards the 1 week of onsite consulting. Is it worth it? 

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  • We purchased the K1000 and the K2000. The price was too steep for consulting so we set them up ourselves. It took myself and one other person to set up the K2000, the K1000 I set up and configured myself. I went through the training, had the manual and with being able to open support tickets for some of the items that didn't quite work right I was able to do it. I agree with you need to have someone take ownership and know how to set up, make changes and troubleshoot when needed. Understanding how the appliance works makes it easier to configure to your needs.
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In Germany 100% The guys are good. Really good. I think in other countries this should be the same.

If you have the manpower and the _TIME_ to analyze everything by yourself and learn the KBox you don't need it. But I suggest to have the consulting and work with them closely.

I always like people who know what they do.

Answered 04/26/2013 by: Nico_K
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Depends on what you want to do? Based on that what resources do you have in-house that can be used to check off things in the KBOX. 

We have been working with KACE for 6 years and the guys there from KACE are amazing on getting things done within the KBOX. 

The solution comes with either a standard training or enterprise as part of the purchase so you might want to consider that first before the onsite or a combination. 

If you need things like

1. customer software distributions

2. write scripts

3. build custom sql reports

4. setup a custom helpdesk

5. setup and custom patching 


Then it make sense as these are more consulting and implementing vs. training. 

Maybe if you outlined what you need help with, we can offer more advice.

Answered 04/26/2013 by: nshah
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  • That's good feedback, thanks. I do need to outline what exactly I'm needing and get it out of my head. I am also a constrained resource (only internal IT resource right now) for 120 users. I am hiring someone for Support that will primarily use the Kbox. I'll post what I'm needing and maybe you or others can give better insight. Thanks
  • Having someone take ownership of the appliance, and having them be able to know what to manipulate is 10000% recommended. Even if you use Proservices to build the machine, having someone that knows SQL and can be a KACE wizard will make your life much easier. Proservices has been extremely helpful and patient with me as I learned KACE from step 1 and have nothing but good things to say. Even had an issue where I got an engineer on the phone to figure some stuff out, no hesitation or beaurocracy.
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I would say that the one week consulting is a good idea but the cost is steep. When I was on the Dell Team I think the rate was $12,000 per week. If this is something you can afford, I would recommend it highly.

However, if this rate is out or reach, consider looking at alternatives that provide the same service.

I am a free lance consultant that can assist if needed.

Answered 07/05/2014 by: Paisley
White Belt

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