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Several questions:

1) The K1000 (SMA) reports that my Macintosh client is running the Amp agent version 8.1.52, yet the location of Mac KACE files still seems to be /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE instead of /Library/Application\ Support/Quest/KACE. Is this normal? Is KACE just behind on the Mac side of things converting "Dell" to "Quest"?

2) There is no /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin directory (although the data directory exists); from what I can tell, this is not normal. Without this directory, I can't (as I understand it) run an inventory from the client machine, as I have no "run_kbot" (or whatever the Mac equivalent might be). I can run inventory from the SMA, so this is not a big deal; just an inconvenience.

3) I'm trying to create a Custom Inventory Rule (and I don't know what I'm doing) to verify if a certain file exists with a certain date. On the SMA I go to Inventory / Software / Choose Action / New, and give it a name ("CIR - Canon UFRII Driver v. 1015.00") and a version number ("10.15.00") and a Publisher ("Canon"), and explain in the Notes that I'm looking for a PPD file with a file more recent than July 31, 2017, which is the creation date of the previous file version, mark the supported operating systems as Macintosh, and then build a Custom Inventory Rule that looks like this:

FileInfoGreaterThan(/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/CNPZUIRAC5045ZU.ppd.gz,creation_date,DATE,06/31/2017 02:51:00)

(Since I'm only testing at the moment, and only have the old version of the file on my Mac client, I'm actually use a-month-earlier criteria so I'll get a positive.)

I specify the Category as "Driver" and hit "Save".

The old version of the file on my client Mac looks like this (the new version has not yet been installed).

ACU14090:Resources westk$ ls -lah CNPZUIRAC5045ZU.ppd.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root admin 64K Jul 31 2017 CNPZUIRAC5045ZU.ppd.gz
ACU14090:Resources westk$

When I do a "Force Inventory" on the Mac, the CIR never shows up. What am I doing wrong?



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  • Since the title of this question no longer matches the question that is left to be answered, I'm going to "Answer" this question, and open a new question with my actual question now.

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1) Apparently I just was blind yesterday when I asked this question; the "Quest" directory is there, and the "Dell" directory is essentially empty (I wonder if I can safely remove this empty-ish "Dell" directory now?). So this question is a false alarm, and I apologize for the noise.

2) This is a false alarm also, following from the previous question's false-alarm. (I can't understand how I missed the "Quest" directory, to conclude it was missing; I'm not a newbie at the Bash command line, but I have no other explanation.) Again, apologies for the noise.

3) Still can't figure this one out. But I've decided to go a slightly different route, and look in a .plist file (which gives me finer-grained control on my results) instead of a time-date stamp on a file. But I still can't get a Custom Inventory Field to show up on my client Mac. Here's my new Custom Inventory Rule:

PListValueReturn(/Library/Printers/Canon/CUPS_Printer/Info/PrinterInfo.plugin/Contents/Info.plist,NSPrincipalClass,TEXT) AND PListValueReturn(/Library/Printers/Canon/CUPS_Printer/Info/PrinterInfo.plugin/Contents/Info.plist,CFBundleVersion,TEXT)

And here are the relevant portions of that .plist file:

ACU14090:Application Support westk$ cd /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPS_Printer/Info/PrinterInfo.plugin/Contents/ACU14090:Contents westk$ cat Info.plist

I would expect a new Custom Inventory Field to show up named "CUPSUFR2PrinterInfo10.14.0", but I never see it show up.


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