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This might be more of question for the KACE developers, but with both OS X 10.8 and Windows 8 on the horizon are we expecting out of the box compatibility with current KACE agents?

I know my initial tests with the OS X 10.8 trial have at least limited support and AMP continues to connect.  Anyone else have a chance to try either OSs?

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My tests with Windows 8 have shown decent out of the box functionality. I was able to install the AMP agent, I had a good AMP connection, and I was able to do MIs. No complaints really, works about the same as it does with my Windows 7 machines.

I would be curious to hear other people's stories about Windows 8 and the K1000\K2000 boxes.

Answered 07/20/2012 by: Ben M
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Windows 8 works well with the exception of patching as far as I have seen.

The agent installs on Mountain Lion.  Inventory doesn't know the operating system and patching won't be supported until the OS is officially supported.

Edited to add: MIs work just fine in Mountain Lion.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: jknox
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Windows 8  RC has been working fine with the 5.3.53177 agent.

Answered 07/20/2012 by: nshah
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I laid my hands on Windows 8 and did some testings. It works as if it would work with Windows 7. The architecture is the same with just Metro style added in Windows 8. I used it on a tablet and the exprience was very very nice.

Answered 07/22/2012 by: piyushnasa
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Haven't specifically tested Win8 yet but my sales guy assures me all major Windows releases over the next few years will be supported as long as we keep our yearly maintenance contract.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: dc5
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