Has anyone had an issue where a computer here and there does not report hardware and sometimes installed software data??   I have on occasion run across a machine that has this and sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the agent fixes it but sometimes it does not.  

I currently have a computer that had the old agent 5.4.x and when it came on after being off a few weeks there was no inventory data.   So I uninstalled the old agent and reinstalled the latest agent which is now available since I updated my KBOX and still no inventory to report.  See picture:


If there is an easy way to fix this I would like to know as I tried searching for solutions and did not come up with an answer.

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The agent is doing wmi calls and if you are blocking that for some reason that might cause this issue. usually removing and adding it back fixes it as you have done. If you are still have issues, your best bet might be to get ahold of support where they can debug the issue for you and make sure it gets resolved. 

Answered 03/12/2013 by: nshah
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  • I am just curious to what could be blocking those WMI calls? As far as I can tell all computers are reporting correctly except this one for the moment. This one is right out of the box from Dell using the factory image and it reported fine originally but was off for about 2 months so I decided to turn it on so it could get its updates. I thought maybe a database issue on the KACE so I uninstalled the agent and reboot the computer. I deleted the computer record from the KACE and then reinstalled the agent on the machine which was the updated agent since I recently updated my KBOX to the latest software revision. Still no dice.

    I did notice that when I reinstalled the agent it already had my server name populated thought maybe there still may be some corruption on the computer itself. Do you know of a way to uninstall the agent and purge any files that may be retained even after an agent uninstall? I cannot really image the computer as it has a special purpose with special software.
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I had a XP system with a similar issue. From a command line as administrator I ran the command C:\Program Files\Dell\Kace\ Runkbot 4 0 and received the error:

“An error was detected in the WMI repository that resulted in missing data in some section. To repair the WMI repository you need to manually run the tool with the –autorepair flag”

I was able to fix this issue by running the commands from the following article:


Answered 06/12/2013 by: stevech
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I fixed it.   Thanks for the tip to look into the WMI.   I reset the WMI repository by doing these steps:

1) In the start menu type "cmd"

2) Type "net stop winmgmt" and press Enter

3) Open a Windows Explorer and locate the path to C:\ windows\system32\WBEM\ folder and rename the Repository folder to something else like RepositoryOLD (right click and choose 'Rename Folder').

4) restart the computer

5) In the start menu type "cmd"

6) Type "net stop winmgmt" and press enter

7) Type "winmgmt /resetRepository" and restart the computer again.

After all that I ran a force update and it now reports correctly.  

Answered 03/12/2013 by: bwilkerson
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  • Fantastic! This resolved issues I was having with machines not reporting Inventory data. Thank you.
  • bwilkerson's fix also worked for me. Thanks.
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