Hello everyone,

I'm stuck with a problem. It seems that if I want to install a kace agent through an IP adres, it shows in the provisioning results that it succeeded in installing. But if I check the progam files, it doesn't list it. My collegue says that if I enter the IP adres of the destinated PC/Laptop, it picks up a different IP. Anyone got similiar problems who found a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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  • I stopped using K1000 to deploy the Kace Agent. I wrote two scripts to do it. One for a local install and one for a remote install of the Kace Agent. I didn't want to wait for Dell Kace to get around to fixing agent provisioning. If you have to mass deploy it you are better off using Group Policy.
  • Can you post the provisioning log?
  • Hello Chucksteel,

    I solved this issue by making a admin account on the pc, inserted that in kace and it worked like a charm. I though that i must use my own admin account. Dumb me :) Thanks for your messages!
  • This used to work with a Domain Administrator account... IS that not the case anymore?
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