Windows 7 32 bit image on a 32 bit KBE loaded onto a 64G usb flash stick.

I've successfully created the USB boot stick and extracted the image to the USB stick. When I boot off the USB stick in the machine to be imaged, the boot environment proceeds as normal. It launches and asks if I want to proceed with drive wipe, i click okay, and it runs the kloned.exe and recieves the connection to where it continues to run. 

After it is complete and the system restarts, the extracted KACE image is loaded onto the flash stick. The KACE files and KBE files are still on the flash stick but now so it the entire Windows 7 OS which was supposed to be loaded onto the hard drive. The hard drive remains empty. 

I know the hard drive is connected to the machine ( a dell Optiplex 960) and is functioning. I know that if I use the PXE on my Optiplex 960s, it loads without issue showing my KBE has the appropriate drivers. There is no DVD-rom device plugged into this system.

I'm not sure what I need to change to get the image to load onto the hard drive instead of loading itself onto the flash stick. 

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While in your PE env, open a command window and run diskpart manually and see what drives and letters they are assigned

Answered 03/22/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I reloaded the flash stick once more with the KBE and the KACE image.
    I started up the KBE and then cancelled it after hitting Ok to proceed and wipe out all the data.
    I hit Ctrl+C to bring up a command prompt and selected Yes to terminate the batch job.
    Diskpart showed 2 disks.
    Disk 0 Online 232G (hard drive)
    Disk 1 Online 59G (flash stick)

    list volume
    Volume 0 C NTFS Partition 232 GB Healthy
    Volume 1 D NTFS Removable 59 GB Healthy

    If I recall correctly, I believe when the image was captured, it Captured the main "C" Drive as drive D instead. If that is the case it would make sense for the the KACE image to try to load the system on the flash stick labeled as D. I'm going to try and recapture the image and use diskpart to relabel the partitions before I capture the image then start the process over.
    • I think you are on the right track.
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What are your pre-install tasks?  You might need to change the format option to format something other than drive c:


Answered 03/22/2013 by: Timi
Seventh Degree Black Belt

  • Normally with an Image, I don't add any special preinstall tasks. In this case I did try to add the following three tasks to see if they would help
    'Create Single Partition'
    'Formate C: as NTFS'
    'Install Vista/2008/7 MBR'
    The preinstall task did wipe the C drive (hard drive) since I had a minimal loaded OS on the machine to image for testing.
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"I'm going to try and recapture the image and use diskpart to relabel the partitions before I capture the image then start the process over."

I loaded up the original machine and when I went to create the image, it did indeed have the 'OS' drive labeled as D:

I backed out to the main menu and went into 'Recovery' to 'Command Prompt.' I used Diskpart to reassign the drive letters so the 'OS' drive was letter C. 


select volume C

assign letter="X"

select volume D

assign letter="C"

select volume X

assign letter="D"


I recreated the Image and then followed the normal procedure and my issue was resolved. 

Thanks to everyone who pushed me in the right direction!


Answered 03/27/2013 by: ElmSilver
White Belt

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