I have a problem that hopefully someone can help me out with.  I'm sure it is just something dumb I am doing.  SO...

We have purchased a few Dell M4800 laptops and are having some trouble imaging them using our Kace appliance.  The problem is that the M4800 comes with 2 drives, a 250GB SSD, and a 500GB regular drive.  We want to put our image on the SSD.  We have created 2 preinstall scripts that I have included below.  It installs fine, and puts the image on the SSD, but it puts the system reserve partition on the regular drive.  How do we go about fixing that?  I have beat my head against the wall trying to figure it out...

Here our the scripts:

Create partition script - Diskpart script
select volume 0
assign letter=r
select disk 0
select disk 1
create partition primary
assign letter=c
select disk 0
create partition primary
assign letter=d

Install MBR Script - BAT script

format /q /y /fs:ntfs /v:Windows C:
format /q /y /fs:ntfs /v:Data D:
bootsect.exe /NT60 C:
bootsect.exe /NT60 D:

Thanks for the help!
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