Since a recent reboot of the K2000 appliance our PXE environment broke down, with the following error after booting machines through PXE:

Malformed response received from server. Please check configurations.

Logs keep telling me:

[Thu Sep 19 08:21:47 2013] [error] [client CLIENT_IP] PHP Error: [Thu, Sep 19 2013 08:21:47 CEST] Uncaught ADODB_Exception at /kbox/include/KNode.class.php:238: mysql error: [1194: Table 'IM_NODE' is marked as crashed and should be repaired] in EXECUTE("select N.*,\n BI.CURRENT_IM_BOOT_IMAGE_ID,\n BI.CURRENT_IM_SYSTEM_IMAGE_ID,\n BI.CURRENT_NUM_BOOTS,\n BI.CURRENT_LOCAL_BOOT,\n BI.NEXT_IM_BOOT_IMAGE_ID,\n BI.NEXT_IM_SYSTEM_IMAGE_ID,\n BI.NEXT_NUM_BOOTS,\n BI.NEXT_LOCAL_BOOT,\n BI.USMT_TEMPLATE_ID,\n BI.OFFLINE_USMT_DEPLOY_OPTION,\n HD.IM_NODE_ID as HAS_HARDWARE_DETAIL,\n MN.IM_MANAGED_NODE_ID as IS_MANAGED\n from IM_NODE as N\n left join IM_NODE_BOOT_INSTRUCTIONS as BI\n on N.ID = BI.IM_NODE_ID\n left join IM_NODE_HARDWARE_DETAIL HD\n on N.ID = HD.IM_NODE_ID\n left join IM_MANAGED_NODE_MAC MN\n on N.MAC = MN.MAC\n where N.MAC = 'CLIENT MAC'")\n

Attempting to open the table through MySQL Workbench results in the same error, 1194 table has crashed and needs to be fixed.

Last time I had issues with a database it was with the K1000 DB growing too large and the support sent me a patch for this, however regarding this error and the K2000 there seems to be no information at all.
I asume the "report" account has no permissions to execute repair commands within the database, tho I have not attempted this yet before I get a clear sign it won't mess things up.

Worst case scenario I'll have to install a completely new K2000 as asuming a complete backup of the current one will also bring me the corrupted database?

Is there any known fix to this? Perhaps an elevated DB account to execute repair commands? A patch to fix DB corruption? Or will perhaps uppdating the box to the latest SP1 version fix this by some miracle? (trying to upgrade the box while the database is corrupted is slightly scary) 

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Have you called support on this issue? 

Answered 09/19/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I've contacted support a few days ago with no answer in 3 days now and it's getting critical as we can't deploy machines. Figured maybe someone around here had a magical fix for this, otherwise I'll resort to installing a new K2000
    • I would check to see the severity of the incident you opened, it may have got put in the system as a lower priority then what you need it to be.

      That type of errors are usually in the lower level of the system so you need root access to fix
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