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I was wondering if it's somehow possible to label a computer from inside the KBE when network booting into a K2000 appliance. We have a lot of remote sites and we end up using the KBE environment for the majority of our image deployments instead of the web interface, it would be really nice to be able to label the machines from inside this environment. Has anyone attempted to do this or have some kind of scripts for it?


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  • Are you referring to the labels you can use that are in the UI that can be applied to the deployments? Or are you talking about labeling a computer post deployment?
    • I'm speaking of the labels used in the K2000 web interface for organizational purposes.
      • OK, so where onto the target machine are you looking to apply this label, if this were possible?
  • Or do you mean workstation names when you say labels? If so, the Get/Set Computer Name tasks have a dialog option that let's you manually input the name you want the machine to have.
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After a machine pxe boots once to the k2000 you can assign it a label. 

With new machines. We pxeboot the machines once to get them to register in the k2000 then search for the ip range and assign the classroom labels to new machines coming in.

Answered 06/12/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • You can also scan the remote sites from the k2000 and add the machines that way