K2000 KBE won't boot on two newer Dell models that we just got

Curious is anyone has dealt with something like this. I have our K2000 at the latest version (9.1.178) and have built new KBEs using the latest Dell driver pack, but also tried older versions as well. A Dell micro computer (Optiplex 3000) and a new rugged tablet (Latitude 7230 Extreme Rugged Tablet) both start to boot into the KBE and then fail with a vbs script error displayed in the final step before the final KBE GUI is displayed. It makes no difference if you use a USB drive or PXE to boot the KBE, same result but only on these two models that we just got from Dell and have not modified in any way yet. We've used dozens of other models for years without this issue and those models continue to still work even now.