I know I've seen something similar posted on this before, but I cannot find it. We're opening a new building, and beginning to deploy images at that building. The image works as it should with no issues. The only problem I'm having is that it never shows as completed in the reports. When I take the same machine, and bring it back to my test lab it shows completed every time. Kcleanup is running in this new building, and I'm able to login as normal when it is done. It just seems like something is blocking it from reporting it is done. I'm looking for a good place to start so that I can troubleshoot on the network end. Any thoughts?
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  • Watching netstat during the deployment shows it opens port 80 on the ikbox between tasks. otherwise it seems to be using 445 for the deployment
  • When you go to progress and select the image, click on the details button, which task is still running (spinning pinwheel).

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    • It's the first task in my post installs. It's a .bat file that sets some settings. I think it's an issue with some of the networks in this new building. They are imaging on other floors and they're showing complete. Same image, and same type of machines.
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