We've had Optiplex 390's for the past year - and have an Image working just fine on them. We're getting ready to receive another 1,000 of them this Summer, and Dell sent us out another 390 to make sure our image works on them. Hardwware wise, I can't imagine anything being different. I know the BIOS version went from A01 to A05, so I'll have to re-write my CCTK script since it looks like some things have changed.

However, when I deploy my 390 image to them, as soon as it gets into Windows, it does the "Windows needs to restart" "restart now or later" popup. It will also give some random error that is graphically glitched and doesn't display anything. 

Not sure what is going on - I've tried deploying the image multiple times. Any idea what could be the cause of this? Different hardware? We told them to use the same specs as before...so not sure what is causing this - but we're in panic mode now because the machines are coming in, and assumed that these 390's would work just the same as last year's.

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Are the new drives the Advanced Format?  look for a AF logo on the label. 

Answered 06/15/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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Update - Just looked closer - they had Western Digital hard drives in them on the older models - now they've replaced them with Seagates.


But that's causing a problem when we go to image and run the post-installation scripts, since it wants to restart and some of the tasks fail then. 

Answered 06/04/2012 by: sfigg
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  • Anyone know if it's possible to add in a post-installation script to auto-restart once it gets int WIndows for the first time? Then once it restarts, continue with the other post-installation scripts?
  • using the link that dugullett gave, you can add a reboot as the first po.
    Make sure the proper mass storage drivers are installed.
    You could also deploy your original image (with no sysprep and no POs) back to the system, let it find the drivers, do whatever else you need and recapture.
  • Dell has been updating little things on the same model line like this for quite some time. Usually it is more rampant in the home use models; they are supposed to keep the buisness line relatively standardized. That said, I've had similar issues with them changing NICs to models like RealTek that require drivers that aren't built into W7.

I think you have a driver issue. Do you use the driver feed (work around) for your images?

Answered 06/04/2012 by: Tentacle Master
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