I got some new laptops with Intel I2XX drivers.  As before I went to the driver feed and found my model of Dell Laptop the latitude 5570 and downloaded the drivers for Windows 7 64, windows 8 64 and windows 10.  Then I reached the drivers.  Then I went to deployments and boot environments and create a new environment select one of the source media I usually use.  The computer I am booting up on the network comes up with a 1231 error and cannot find the server.  I have also tried making a new boot environment using the media manager.  Then after reading about the 1231 error I found the K2000\drivers folder on my network which did not have the e5570 drivers but there were in the postinstall drivers folder can I just copy those over or is there something else I am missing.
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  • You can copy the drivers over from the postinstall folder into the kbe folder and then recache and try again.
  • Where should I copy those files?
  • You have to copy them from postinstall to drivers, recache, AND rebuild the KBE. Recaching seems to only add the drivers to some list of drivers---useless if you ask me. However, rebuilding the KBE is what lets the computer boot the KACE.
    • Do you know where in Drivers I need to put them?

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      • It really doesnt matter as long as you put them in the right architecture folder (x64 or x86). When the KBE is built dism recursively scans the folders; any arrangement you make in the drivers folder (other than x64/x86) is just for you.
  • Do you know where in Drivers I need to put them?
  • Ok I had to put the drivers in the \\k2000\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\feed\dell\winpe\winpe\x64\network folder but I also had to take them out of the windows 8 folder they were in and put them out side of that folder and it works thanks so much.
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