We're on the latest K2 version, and WIM imaging is great - but I think it was better for us in the previous "workaround" method. Let me explain:

I have 20 locations, all with the same base image - but separate post install tasks - therefore, I could point them all with the old workaround to that single WIM file. With the built in WIM support on the latest K2 version though, if I duplicate an image for all 20 locations, the WIM is copied over 20x, taking up 20x more space. 

Is it possible for me to somehow go back to the old WIM imaging method?

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I posted a blog yesterday on this.


Answered 06/18/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Awesome, I will comment there about it.
  • Thanks - I will try this - would've figured you have an answer! :)
    • http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/create-dedicated-kbe-s-to-capture-wim-s-and-store-externally-for-k2000-version-3-5
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Yes in fact we still use the "old" method rather than the new one for that exact reason.  You can still use the placeholder images that came with the 3.4 KNIT.  For our base image, I have a redirect bath file as a preinstall task that maps T: to where I store the image file, so no matter where I mapped their T: drive with the KBEM, they will always grab that particular image from the same place.

Answered 06/18/2013 by: nheyne
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Although it may appear like a new .wim is created, on the backend, its just a link to the original.  This is not evident when looking at \peinst\wim, but on the backend my duplicate wim was 2k.

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Answered 07/08/2013 by: cserrins
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I used 3.5 to create the WIM in the \peinst\wim folder and just copied that WIM file into the \petemp\imagestore folder and just rename it to whatever the old WIM file was with this updated file and it keeps all the old 3.4 images working, since all my images pointed to the same WIM

Answered 02/04/2014 by: gchoi
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